Traxiom is SBOM Management.


Traxiom empowers organizations in managing software bill of materials (SBOMs), both 1st and 3rd party, that are relied upon to manage their business. We enable organizations to reduce security debt in code, ensure dependencies are free of vulnerabilities, and provide organization wide visibility of dependency use, vulnerabilities, and overall risk.

Org & Vendor SBoMs
Create, consume, and analyze 1st and 3rd party SBOMs at incredibly high velocity.
SC Integration
Effortless deployment across all major source control management providers.
API Enabled
Well documented API-first design integrates easily with other systems.
Vulnerability Detection
Enables organizations to provide critical insight into a consolidated view of prioritized findings and enables them to rapidly respond to vulnerabilities from affected components.
Risk Assessment
Do you know what risk you are carrying both from the software you develop and the open source and 3rd party software you rely on to operate your business? We provide visibility into that risk.
Monitor & Alert
Understand when a 1st or 3rd party SBOM changes, what risk that poses to your organization and provides visibility across internal and external teams as to the risk and the priority to remediate.

Platform Support


Traxiom's passion is to enable organizations to actively manage the software bill of materials (SBOMs), both 1st and 3rd party, that are relied upon to manage their business. Traxiom provides key insights regarding the organization’s total risk, organic and vendor component inventories, and vulnerability landscape. Even with limited knowledge of SBOM, engineering and security leaders can quickly start managing these risks using Traxiom. By leveraging Traxiom, organizations are able to govern a key component of their software supply chain.

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    January 2020

    An idea is born

    Co-Founders meet and share their passion for Security and DevOps, including SBoM.

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    Summer 2020

    A team is formed

    Co-Founders begin implementing a new way of DevSecOps at the organization they were working at, using automation and governance.

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    Summer 2021

    Traxiom 1.0

    Co-Founders determine the core feature set of Traxiom and begin development. Traxiom 1.0.0 is released as a proof-of-concept.

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    January 2022

    We're live!

    Traxiom is launched to empower organizations to understand the composition, risk, and inventory of the software they consume, and also create, for their customers.

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